Media Capture in the CDMS


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Capturing media easily opens the door to better endpoint visibility
Provides consistency across clinicians
Creates a  repository for centralized reviewer assessment

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Add Media Forms To Your  Study Design For Endpoint Validation
  • Media Capture
    • Role-based access to media recorder (IOS only)
    • Configurable recording setting
      • Video
      • Image
      • Audio
  • Media Upload
    • Video
    • Image
    • Audio
High Speed Streaming Upload
  • Encrypted media upload to HIPAA or GDPR compliant cloud infrastructure
  • Optimized video packet upload
    • 3.5 GB file upload in 15 min (high speed connection)
  • No media stored on native device
Data Packet Validation
  • Confirmation of media upload integrity
Security Features
  • Validated external data source
  • Upload encryption
  • Integrated virus scan

Mobile Media Capture Device

iPhone • iPad


Yes, the FDA recognizes the importance of media capture and media review in the identification of clinical endpoints in clinical trials. Media capture refers to the process of capturing and storing images, videos, and other types of media data related to a trial, while media review involves the assessment of these media files to determine clinical endpoints, such as the progression of a disease or the effectiveness of a treatment.
The FDA has issued guidance documents on the use of media in clinical trials, which highlight the importance of media capture and review in the evaluation of clinical endpoints. The guidance emphasizes the need for standardized, reliable, and validated methods for capturing and reviewing media data, as well as the need for secure and regulated storage of these data. Media capture and review can play a critical role in the accurate and efficient evaluation of clinical endpoints in trials, and the FDA encourages the use of these techniques to support the scientific and regulatory evaluation of new medical product