Media Review in the CDMS


Play Video
Play Video
Structured analysis of captured media events
Streamline rater qualifications and reliability within portal

Patented video virtual bookmarking and virtual clipping features

US Patents : 9451001, 10084840, 10609442, 10681103


Create Media Review Forms in the Study Design Portal
  • Associate those forms with
    • Reviewer
    • Media Type
Role-Based Media Reviewer Access
  • View only
  • Review Only
Define the Reviewer Workflow
  • Single or multiple reviewers
  • Multiple sequential viewers
  • Multiple simultaneous reviewers
Associate Data Fields with a Video
  • Configure video endpoints, based study requirements
  • Reviewers can virtually bookmark or clip video endpoints *
Image Evaluation
  • Create and configure image assessment forms in the Study Design Portal
  • Allow simple integration of centralized assessment
Audio Evaluation
  • Create and configure audio assessment forms in the Study Design Portal
  • Base assessments on scales defined in the study protocol
* US Patents: 94511001, 10084840, 10609442, 10681103